How to process

When introducing an industrial robot, 1. Specification definition, 2. Basic design, 3. Manufacture, 4. Pre-installation work, 5. Pre-shipment witness, 6. Delivery / startup, 7. Introduction (introduction support) It is roughly classified into 7 categories. It is also the most important process in this process, and the cooperation of users is 1. the specification definition. In this specification definition, the knowledge about Sier robots like ours and the knowledge, intuition, and tips about the customer’s work and work are well integrated, and it becomes the foundation for manufacturing good equipment. Once the specifications are decided, we will move on to designing and manufacturing, and after confirming the specifications before shipping, we will deliver it locally in the presence of the customer. Obviously, we will also provide installation support so that customers can use it after delivery. This series of steps generally takes about half a year to a year.

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