Food industry

There are a lot of inquiries about collaborative robots from the food industry. Recently, the use of robots in the food industry is accelerating due to the shortage of the working population, and among them, collaborative robots that can be used in collaboration with people. The demand for robots is increasing. The reasons for this are “space saving that can be used in the same area as a person” and “easy movement of installation location and switching of work contents”. In industrial robots, if the robot body plus the safety fence is included, the installation area will often be too large to fit in the space, but collaborative robots can overcome this, creating new space. It is useful in the food industry, which is often difficult. Another major advantage is that one robot can be relocated and reused in multiple processes in the food industry, where the operating lines fluctuate frequently due to production planning. One of the accepted factors is that the position correction after relocation can be simplified by using the camera function. At “FOOMA JAPAN (International Food Industry Exhibition)”, the number of exhibitions of automation systems using collaborative robots is increasing year by year.

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