• Robot can only be moved by itself
  • Enables the work by mounting a welding torch and some tools
  • These settings all must be correct
  • Position of the torch, weight
  • Mounting of optional parts
  • The maneuverability of cable
  • Setting of external axis
Tool setting

Teaching Program

Teaching and welding condition adjust for robot

  • Robot does not move freely in their own
  • Correct position, correct posture, the correct speed
  • You need to tell them Robot will collide unless tell if correctly.
  • Also you will not be able to processing of purpose
  • The robot to be able to teach correctly to the robot will be able to quickly a lot of work with high quality.
  • Actually work you have 60 seconds might be in 50 seconds
    10 seconds you will be … 20% early work After Unlike
  • The 10% reduction defects by modifying the welding conditions
  • One day, one month, one year… How much cost of whether will be reduced?
  • We will be able to contribute to our customers

Preventive Maintenance and Periodical Check

Battery change for robot             

* Recommend 1time/2 year       

Wire feeder grease up. For WG Robot

* Recommend 1 time/1 year (It is different depending on model)


Torch setting
Change Grease
Check cooling unit

Preventive Maintenance and Periodical Check

Why do you use the robot?

  • Robot does not a meal.
  • Robot does not need a break
  • Robot does not need a safety
  • Robot is quick action
  • Robot is accurate
  • So I am using the robot is not a human
  • But do not speak the word robot.
  • Even poor tone and example is not to say that the “upset”

So maintenance is required. Replace the battery and grease, consumables, trouble that cannot be seen in the eyes …
We are such their doctor. You can cure a broken robot. However, it is recommended that you find in advance the maintenance before break