For planned production

– We regular maintenance checks for malfunctions of robots and welding machines in advance

prevent problems that come unexpectedly in the production line. If the robot stops working.

– If the robot stops working because of a sudden problem. Our robot engineering team will help you right now.

– We are managing your robot. Based on the results of maintenance checks and alarm history.

We can offer a planning for you to use robots safely.

Tool setting

Teaching Program

Moving according teaching of program
There are some things you need to think about it

  1. Confirm point welding and moving position all
  2. Weld length, weld thickness, weld depth penetration
  3. Determining condition of welding in consideration of thermal strain and cycle time of part
  4. Appropriate torch angle considering of melting and spatter
  5. Appropriate setting conditions of welding
  6. Confident for smooth and beautiful work
  7. I/O signal communication external device
  8. Adjustment cycle time operation

Proceed with the above things safely
Teaching operator with the correct knowledge it is indispensable
We are confident in the quality in welding and a smooth pattern movement of robot
We will help you for planning production.

Teaching and welding condition adjust for robot

Preventive Maintenance and Periodical Check

Why do you use the robot?

  • Robot does not a meal.
  • Robot does not need a break
  • Robot is quick action
  • Robot is accurate
  • Therefore use robot

However, robots and machines cannot speak. It is also a dangerous machine.
Maintenance is also important to carry out planned production.
Should replace the cooling fan, battery, grease and consumables regularly.
We are robot doctor. Check for abnormal symptoms and measures in maintain possible
Robots are just like humans. need to be check by a doctor However, recommended that every year advance the maintenance before broken robot

Battery change for robot             

* Recommend 1time/2 year       

Wire feeder grease up. For WG Robot

* Recommend 1 time/1 year (It is different depending on model)


Torch setting
Change Grease
Check cooling unit