• Robot is not doing a job only robot. It must be the start button, requires emergency stop. Many of control necessary sometimes using the touch panel, etc.
  • Also you can check the position sensor, etc.
  • Shoei Techno Service is a service company of robot. So things robot I know well
  • You can control the robot from such is our
  • Specification, it is possible to carry out the configuration and control of the options that were in the purpose. The remodeling of sometimes electrical circuit to suit your purpose, you can sometimes propose a modification of the robot
  • We will be able to suggestions of robot and its peripheral equipment

Design Drawing Electrical


PLC Program

CASE1 Robot Welding System

Robot Welding for Seat Assy (Panasonic Robot)

CASE2 Robot Welding System

Robot welding system for exhaust part

TWIN Harmonizer and gantry pair (Panasonic Robot)

CASE3 Welding Spot Robot Control System

Panel spot system  (Yaskawa Robot)

– Control for 5 spot
  welding machine

– Robot auto tool
  changer (ATC)

– Not welding
  highest check

CASE4 Robot Dispenser System

– Coordination robot  (Nachi)

– Auto tool changer

– Load cell  (wait checker)

CASE5 Robot Inspection System

Robot Inspection System for instrument panel

– Laser sensor (Check Dimension)

– Camera Sensor (Check Dimension)

CASE6 Automation System

Straight line welding system(Left side)

Straight line dispenser system(Right side)

CASE7 FA System

Hardness Inspection System(Left side)

Auto deburring system(Center)

Bolt flatness check system(Right side)

CASE8 Automation System

JIG Wiring sensor work detect and auto switch of cylinder

  • Is there a problem with the existing equipment
    After a little … … that I want you to beg here
    I think you better do that
    … Particularly the equipment was put Japanese failed
  • Do not know what should I ask where to even to request repair. Where even to request modifications to it do not know what I should ask. By all means, please contact us
  • I will help as much as possible in our