Introduction  as of  Shoei’s Robot  Room


Panasonic VA-006 GII, TA-1400 WGIII, FANUC R2000iA 165CF

Robot  Training  Course

  • robot is just a tool
  • important thing is to have knowledge of application technology.
  • For example, if you have knowledge of welding, we do not recommend welding above.

You will need a jig that is designed to be as flat as possible.

  • Must have basic knowledge For safety, cycle time and welding quality
  • Angle torch of the welding, welding speed and conditions welding well balanced?
  • Select welding or gas well or not? have metal spatter in welding?
  • Spatter sticks to equipment and machines, sensors damage.

Making machine malfunction or stop working. Not smoothly working

Also, Spatter stick to the parts produced. May cause parts produced damage and defects.

  • Understand the environment used by robots. (Install a safety fence to prevent interference from people and install a hood.)

 The above can be solved problem with knowledge only.

First of all, let’s get some knowledge about robot welding.

  • Robots are dangerous machines! Let’s experts the operation with the correct knowledge
  • Understand with environment in use robot (Install safety fence to prevent interference from people and install hood)
  • Select materials used for welding robot (Wire, Tip, Gas, Wire feeding)
  • Robot maintenance (robot body / controller installation location / period of usage)
  • Learn about welding match that material work.

If you are interested in the above, please contact us.