Robot trianing 2 day 20/05/2021-21/05-2021

 Training Robot

Training robot was  at our shoei techno service (thailand) co., ltd. Company
for 2 days,On 20 May 2021 and 21 May 2021
We have training About opearation and maintenance for panasonic robot  Model TA-1400 GIII
We have decided to provide training for 1 people to come
There were many positive questions from the participants, and they has understand of the operation

– Training basic operation

Teaching, Function, Create and Modify program

-Training basic maintainance


Welding torch replacement
Safety torch holder replacement
Wire feeder replacement
Teach Pendent replacement
Power source replacement/ power unit replacement
Robot controller part define

Maintenance check

Periodical inspection table
Manual backup data, Schedule backup data
Error/ Alarm history check
Backlash check, Axis move check, TCP checked
Monitor check function
Origin program and Check point program concept
Origin position recovery (Enocoder Reset)

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