Realize a dream,Link to the future
Provide you with a sense of relief and safety through FA TOTAL SERVICE

We are FA total engineer.

We are perform proposal of equipment, robot, electrical, training, and will contribute to our customers.

System engineering and Electrical
Robot Service
Rental Robot

Delivering safety and security to our customers through  FACTORY AUTOMATION TOTAL SERVICE

We are a total engineer familiar with Factory automation in Sriracha, Chonburi Province.
We will contribute to the society by being close to our customers with automated production equipment, robots, and electrical control.


System design and Electrical control

  • We use the technology, robots and experiences we have learned
  • We propose equipment and robot that will bring out the best performance of production.
  • We provide production equipment take into account the quality of production. Including improved productivity and ease of maintenance.
  • We conduct a series of operation from design to 3D simulation, processing and assembly of machine to teaching.
  • You also can monitor security, working capacity and production time, etc. designing by according to concepts customer requirements and check with simulation 3D
  • We are also preparing daily inspections and operation training after installation working.and we working with the production staff, maintenance staff, so they can use it to understand.

Robot Service

  • We regular maintenance checks for malfunctions of robots and welding machines in advance prevent problems that come unexpectedly in the production line. If the robot stops working.
  • If the robot stops working because of a sudden problem. Our robot engineering team will help you right now.
  • We are managing your robot. Based on the results of maintenance checks and alarm history.We can offer a planning for you to use robots safely.


TPM:Total Productive Maintenance
one of the one of the management technologies that originated from Japan.
TPM “Protection Philosophy” (Prevention) “believe that eliminating the loss as Damage and defects is useful . Knowledge of robots, equipment, machines and welding It is important to achieve TPM.

  • Robots operation study and safety.
  • Daily inspections and maintenance studies conducted by customers
  • What to do when an alarm or error occurs
  • How to check and confirm the cause when a production defect occurs
  • Basic knowledge about the I / O control of the robot to the PLC control, we offer the training that meets the needs of customers.

Rental Robot

Introduction of robots has various issues.
Operation, price, delivery time, etc …
If so, would like you try robot ?
We rent our robot to such customers.