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We are FA total engineer.

We are perform proposal of equipment, robot, electrical, training, and will contribute to our customers.

Electrical and System engineering
Robot Service
Rental Robot

    Our Company, Shoei Techno Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We services about robot welding of industrial , Maintenance and repair  of robot , Installation robot and machine, PLC system and touch panel, Electronic, Teaching program of robot welding, Training course of basic operation and welding course of robot.

Electrical and System engineering

  •  We propose equipment that will bring out the best performance of robot.
  •  We provide you with productive facilities that will improve productivity and ease the maintenance.
  •  We conduct a series of operation from design to 3D simulation, processing and assembly of machine to teaching.
  •  We design and develop the working process of the automation system for high performance.
  •  Design and manufacture of control panels for a building automation with the approach of compatible machines.

Robot Service

  • We will prevent of robot and welding machine troubles.

  • We exclusively undertake maintenance and repair of robot and welding machine.

  • We prevent and treat defects quickly as well as take advantage of robot records and the latest ubiquitous network to advise you about the best management of your robot.


Support human resource training to achieve TPM (use less)

TPM aims to get the company to pursue the best efficiency of production system and establish a structure that enables to achieve

“No disaster, no defect, no failure” over a life cycle production system


Rental Robot

Introduction of robots has various issues.
Operation, price, delivery time, etc …
If so, would like you try robot ?
We rent our robot to such customers.